Comments from our matched friends and their volunteers....

"He is assisting me in reaching important life goals."

“She has lightened my life."

"My own self-esteem has grown due to my contact with Compeer – reaching out to help another has been an immeasurable blessing to me."

“I speak up more now.”

"My friend ‘…is very supportive, extremely helpful, a very good listener, and makes me laugh.’”

"I could not be happier. This organization is superb and I am so proud to be a tiny part of it.”

“We enjoy a great friendship. We get along well, have fun together, and enjoy similar interests.”

“I don't feel as lonely as I used to.”

“My friend and I are a very good match. We identify with each other and enjoy talking…”

“We enjoy playing games and going to the movies and out to eat.”

“It’s just helpful knowing someone else cares.”